Crux 2018: God Sightings – Day 2

Day 2 began with a worship focused on the scripture Ezekiel 2:1-7. It tells the hard story of the call of Ezekiel. He is being called to a people who are deeply rebellious in nature, a people to whom Ezekiel must speak the word of God, and yet people who may strike back, speak back, even hurt Ezekiel. The preacher Sarah called to mind those times where the church has not be a place of healing all the time, but a place that bruises and scars us. This is true in all parts of our church and not just for ministry personnel. Many people, clergy and lay are hurt by the church and the powers within the church because there is some definition of who is in and who is out.
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Crux 2018: God Sightings – Day 1

Though things didn’t officially kick off until 9 am with registration, the time before that: the breakfast, the chance meetings at the church, the conversations, were some great moments that immediately reminded me of why I return to this conference year after year. It is like a family reunion, reconnecting and sharing stories of where our lives had gone in the past year. Even before worship started, I breathed deep of the Holy Spirit as the music team practised the hymns and songs that would be singing.
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Reflecting On Bermuda

A journey of blessings. This is how I would caption my recent visit to the island and synod of Bermuda. The week began ominously as we were flying in during a thunderstorm, and the first blessing we found was a pause in the storm giving us time to land rather than being diverted to Boston.

On passing through customs, my partner Natalie and I were greeted with the warm smile of Cyril Simmons, minister of Ebenezer. Having met Cyril at Cruxifusion a few years ago, I felt like I was somewhere familiar. The week that followed from this beginning was a series of people who made Natalie and I feel at home, welcome in a country that we had never been to, but a part of a church family that spans borders and oceans.
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